Muriel Algayres on “A Friend in Need”

Today, #Feminism’s own “A Friend in Need” designer, Muriel Algayres, tells us a little about her vision for the game.

Street harassment immediately came to my mind as a subject I wanted to handle for the anthology. In the previous year, it had become very topical in my home country of France, and the angle through which many started to discuss feminist issues. Many brilliant artists had addressed the subject, as my friend Juliette, photographer and activist, had on her Tumblr. Discussions spawned which offered the opportunity for a lot of women to find support and discuss these issues, sometimes for the first time ever.

Victim-blaming also came quickly to mind; I am still shocked by the way society, including victims themselves, sometimes feel they are to blame for the aggression they endured. This frame of mind is extremely pernicious and, I believe, has prevented many survivors from seeking help out of fear or shame.

So at the crossroads of these two preoccupations came “A Friend in Need,” which I wanted to be a very simple, down-to-earth discussion between friends after a street harassment incident, framed in such a way that people might see in it a common situation and recognize themselves, or others, in it. It certainly was a thought-provoking subject for some of the playtesters, so I hope the game will help shed some more light on these issues.

Have you played “A Friend in Need”? Have an street harassment situation you’d like to talk about? Share your experiences in the comments.

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