#Feminism Rides Again!


Great news, witches! At long last print copies of #Feminism are available for pre-order, thanks to Pelgrane Press, which is reprinting the collection.

But wait–there’s more! When you buy a print or PDF copy of #Feminism, you’ll also get our brand-spanking new bonus collection, a PDF packed with six bad-ass games by Alex Roberts, Autumn Winters, Caitlynn Belle, Heather Silsbee, Jonaya Kemper, Strix Beltrán, and Wendy Gorman.

Visit www.hashtagfeminism.games and get your pre-order in before they’re all gone!

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2 thoughts on “#Feminism Rides Again!

  1. A Ram says:

    Hi, this is A Ram from Sejong Women in Korea. We are feminist NGO based in Sejong (administration city in Korea). We read your anthology #Feminism and played it with our members. It was great. Thanks for publishing such an interesting fun game book. We are planning on doing a translation project related to feminism by getting fund from the government. It will be aiming for students probably from elementary school to high school. But we are not so sure whether topics in #Feminism will work well for kids. Do you have another anthology published for children? Or would you mind recommending any RPG for kids. In Korea, we don’t have much sources to teach feminism to kids. It would be wonderful if you have any or if you could introduce us one. Thank you so much.


    • We don’t have an anthology published for kids, but you might search around for the term “edu-larp,” as it may turn up some interesting results.

      From the anthology, Selfie has been played with kids with good results. Shoutdown to Launch has also been played in college classrooms quite a bit.

      We are super excited that you found our collection and glad you are working to introduce kids to feminism. Wish we could help more!


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