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Weekly Affirmations of #Feminism

Strix Beltrán, host of the show Weekly Affirmations, part of the Hyper RPG channel on Twitch, visited E3 with #Feminism editor Lizzie Stark last week. You can learn about her trip and watch her play Elin Nilsen’s “6016” with friends on last week’s show.

You can catch her show every Friday at 3pm!

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Play Report: La Mirada De Gorgona Redux

A Spanish larp group called Producciones Gorgona produced a weekend of games from #Feminism for some of their members.

We pinged the first two parts of their review here. Now the third installment is available, with reviews of 6016 by Elin Nilsen and #Flesh by Frederik Berg, Rebecka Eriksson, and Tobias Wrigstad.

Plus a bonus track written by another participant about So Mom I Made This Sex Tape by Susanne Vejdemo.

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