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Play Report: La Mirada De Gorgona Redux

A Spanish larp group called Producciones Gorgona produced a weekend of games from #Feminism for some of their members.

We pinged the first two parts of their review here. Now the third installment is available, with reviews of 6016 by Elin Nilsen and #Flesh by Frederik Berg, Rebecka Eriksson, and Tobias Wrigstad.

Plus a bonus track written by another participant about So Mom I Made This Sex Tape by Susanne Vejdemo.

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Play Report: La Mirada de Gorgona

A Spanish larp group called Producciones Gorgona produced a weekend of games from #Feminism for some of their members.

The first part of their review is here. The second part of their review is here. We hope the third part will arrive soon!

They played multiple games from the collection, including Elsa Helin’s “My Sister Malala,” Kira Magrann’s “Selfie,” Susanne Vejdemo’s “So Mom I Made This Sex Tape,” Kajsa Greger’s “Mentioning the Unmentionables,” and Kat Jones’s “Glitzy Nails.”

We can’t wait to read more about this community and what they’re up to!

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Susanne Vejdemo on “So Mom I Made This Sex Tape”

Today, #Feminism’s own “So Mom I Made This Sex Tape” designer, Susanne Vejdemo, tells us a little about her vision for the game.

“So Mom I Made This Sex Tape” is about different generations of feminism, and their arguments about sex and porn. It’s framed as an emotional discussion, and the game starts when the Daughter in the family announces that she has made a sex tape, and wants advice from her relatives on whether she should submit it to an amateur porn festival. Her old-school “equal pay is the only real feminism” grandma, her porn negative mum “there can be no consensus in porn,” her porn-positive aunt “good porn is feminist activism!” and her concerned sister “what will happen to your career” have different takes on what she should do.

The ideas for “So Mom…” were born when I worked with the Swedish larp Suffragette!, and delved into the many different factions and waves of the historical feminist movement. Feminists don’t agree with each other on all issues–in fact, sometimes they disagree on nearly everything. There is a tendency for “My Way or the Highway” reasoning in feminism–the idea that my feminism is pure, and anyone who doesn’t agree with me isn’t a feminist.

But different waves of feminism have different insights into the patriarchy, and value different parts of women’s liberation as the most important. I wanted to make a game where players got to step into their grandmothers’, or granddaughters’, shoes, and see if they could–and if they should–bridge one of the most controversial topics in feminism during the 20th century: sex and porn.

Conflicts can be transforming! And if they’re not transforming, as larps they can at least be fun. I hope that players shout a lot during the game, laugh a lot afterwards, and are inspired to think.

Have you played “So Mom I Made This Sex Tape”? Share your experiences in the comments.

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