Hardcopies of #Feminism Now Available

At long last, Indie Press Revolution has physical copies of #Feminism in stock!

As our IPR friends told us:

Physical copies are available at IPR now and we’ll have some at Gen Con 2016 August 4-7 in booth 2330, while supplies last. We’re very excited to have them! Retail stores worldwide can also order copies through us.

You can find listings for the print copy here, print + PDF here. And of course, the digital-only versions have long been available from DriveThruRPG as well as IPR.

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4 thoughts on “Hardcopies of #Feminism Now Available

  1. James says:

    Very interested in print version but says it is already out of stock on IPR. Will they be getting more or is there another way to get it?


    • Yes–more should be arriving soon, as far as I know. It will also be available at Gencon!


      • CaptainAllison says:

        Also looking for a hard copy! Have the promised “more” come and gone, or are they still coming?


      • Tragically, much of the shipment was damaged in transit and IPR will have to put them on sale, if they are saleable at all. Still, there will be copies available at GenCon, and I’m positive that if you drop an email to IPR they will be able to hook you up with one. So sorry for the delay–circumstances beyond my control, I’m afraid.


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